Email Access

Email Setup Guide

Once you have received your account information, you will need access to the email provided in order to change any information. If you are unfamiliar with our mail system, you can refer to this guide.

Logging into the Email Inbox

  • To get to the email inbox login page, simply click/press the button at the top of this page. It will open a new window and asks for a email and password to log into. On the account information sent to you, copy the email address and password into the necessary fields.

  • If this is your first login to the inbox, it will require you to configure the email inbox to a email client. The recommend client to use is ‘Horde’. Do not use the email client ‘Squirrelmail’. Simply tick the star ‘Default’ below the ‘Horde’ logo, then click/press the ‘Horde’ logo. This will take you to your email inbox, where you can begin configuring your information.

  • Once in the email inbox, you can change all the information of your UPlay account by logging into your account management. You can change your Steam information by presses your profile dropdown near the top right of the Steam Client, and viewing ‘Account Details’.

How to Fix the Email 404 Page Error

  • If you happen to select Squirrelmail, it will bug the inbox and give you a 404 page every time you attempt to sign in.

  • When you are on the 404 page, copy the numbers after ‘cpsess’ (for example, ‘cpess1128291904’) on the current URL link.

  • Replace the URL link with this on the 404 page.<numbers>/webmail/hostgator/index.html?mailclient=horde
  • To prevent from occuring again, be sure you select ‘Horde’ as your favorite by clicking on the email dropdown on the top right.

If you have any other questions or something isn’t working correctly, you can contact me via Discord: TriHard#6615
or send us an email: