Q: How fast will I receive my account?
A: Delivery of account information is automatic; as soon as your payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to your payment address with the account information within minutes.
Q: I have purchased an account but haven’t received an email with the account information, what do I do?
A: Delivery of account information is sent to your payment address, please check your payment address, and any spam/junkboxes. If you have not found your email from “R6Smurfs.com” with account information, please contact TriHard#6615 on Discord with your Order Number and payment email.
Q: Will/can my account be banned?
A: No, there is a zero percent chance that the account are banned due to us.
Q: Are the accounts legitimate?
A: Yes, all accounts are purchased directly from the Ubisoft Store or Steam by ourselves. These are not cracked/leaked/stolen accounts.
Q: Where do I access the email for my account?
A: You can access the email to your account at this site: Email Login.
Q: My account password is invalid/not working!
A: Be sure you aren’t copying the invisible space at the end of the password. If you are 100% certain it doesn’t work, contact TriHard#6615 on Discord.
Q: I’m trying to purchase an account however it says “0 Serial Keys Available”, what’s this mean?
A: This simply means there are no accounts of that type stocked at that moment, however more should be stocked within a few hours.