Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Purchase Questions

How is my account delivered?
– As soon as your payment is processed and confirmed, usually within minutes, an email will be sent to you with the account information.
– If reserving/backordering an account, it can take up to 24 hours for us to send you the information, but usually sent within an hour.


What is a backorder/reserving an account?
– If we have low inventory, we will open reservations (‘backorders’) for accounts. This means you are reserving an actual account from us that we continue to actively level. Once it hits Level 50, we send you the account information. You can also request the account early at any level.


Is there any risk when buying accounts?
– There are virtually no risks involved when buying our accounts. No bans/suspensions/terminations occur to the accounts due to us. The entire process of our accounts is completely authentic.


What other payment methods are accepted?
– Currently we are only using Stripe as a payment method. It will be able to take a wide variety of cards, include prepaid. We do not accept PayPal at the moment, if you want to use another payment method, contact us on Discord: TriHard#6615


Are there any region locks on the accounts?
– Our accounts can be played on worldwide, there are no region restrictions associated with the accounts.


How were the accounts obtained?
– Our accounts are purchased directly from Ubisoft or Steam. We do not use game keys/any other form of obtaining accounts.


Can I change my account’s information?
– All information can be changed on the accounts. You will receive complete access to the account’s email, uPlay, and (if purchased option) Steam. It is advised to change your information once you receive the account, but it is not required. The email associated is yours permanently.

Account Help

Where can I find my account information?
– The delivery of account information is sent to your input address, please also check your payment address, and any spam/junkboxes. If you have not found your email from us labeled ‘R6Smurfs.com’ with account information, please contact us:
Discord: TriHard#6615 | Email: support@r6smurfs.com
Please provide us with your email address upon contacting.


Where do I login to view the email on my account?
– The email access website is provided on your account information, it can also be found here: https://www.r6smurfs.com/email-access/
*It is recommended to use ‘Horde’ as the default inbox. Please refrain from using the other options.


Where can I…: Activate 2FA, Change Email Address, Change Password, Change Username, Edit Account Information?
– All account information can be edited at https://account.ubisoft.com/.