Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast will I receive my account?
A: Delivery of account information is automatic; as soon as your payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to your payment address with the account information within minutes.
A2: If you have purchased a Ranked account, delivery normally takes about 7 days.
Q: I have purchased an account but haven’t received an email with the account information, what do I do?
A: Delivery of account information is sent to your email address, please check your email address, and any spam/junkboxes. If you have not found your email from “” with account information, please contact TriHard#6615 on Discord with your Order Number and payment email, or send an email to
Q: Is there a chance that my account can be banned or suspended?
A: There is no chance that the account will be banned or suspended. All purchases are made directly from Ubisoft or Steam, all accounts are not modified in any way that may break Ubisoft’s Terms of Services.
Q: Are the accounts bought legitimately?
A: Yes, all accounts are purchased directly from the Ubisoft Store or Steam by us. These are not cracked/leaked/stolen accounts, or third-party grey market game keys.
Q: Where do I access the email for my account?
A: You can access the email to your account at these sites: | Email Login | Email Login | Email Login
Q: My account password is invalid/not working.
A: Be certain to copy and paste the information correctly, and that you aren’t copying the invisible space at the end of the password. If you are 100% certain it doesn’t work, contact TriHard#6615 on Discord, or send an email to support
Q: I’m trying to purchase an account however it says “0 Serial Keys Available”, what’s this mean?
A: This means there are no accounts of that type stocked at that moment, however we do have accounts that we are working on and should be restocking soon, usually within a few hours of the message showing.
Q: My payment method is not working, what can I do?
You can always contact me on Discord (TriHard#6615) to discuss various available payment methods.