Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I receive my account?
A: The delivery of account information is automatic. As soon as your payment is processed and confirmed, usually within minutes, an email will be sent to you with the account information.


Q: I have purchased an account but never received an email.
A: The delivery of account information is sent to your input address, please also check your payment address, and any spam/junkboxes. If you have not found your email from us labeled ‘R6Smurfs.com’ with account information, please contact us on Discord (TriHard#6615) or send us an email: support@r6smurfs.com | Please provide us with your order number and payment email upon contacting.


Q: Is my account legitimate/can it be banned?
A: No, there is a zero percent change that the accounts will be banned due to us.


Q: Are there any region locks on the accounts?
A: No, we purchase the game directly from Ubisoft or Steam, the accounts are able to be played on globally.


Q: Can I change the account information?
A: Yes, once you purchase the account it is 100% yours, along with the email that came with it. Anything you want to have changed on the account can be done.


Q: Where do I login to view the email on my account?
A: The email access website is provided on your account information, however if you have failed to find it you can find that login page here: https://gator3041.hostgator.com:2096/